MediaChannel - Be smart tomorow

We are launching an application for children with themes by the artist Helena Zmatlíková
We are becoming a technological partner of Intel
Development of the Smart Gatting product
Launch of own Control Management System Smart City version 1.2.
Beginning of the development of the Face Recognition Software

Smart Cities

We love innovations and improvements to the world around us. We develop our own software and hardware. We are at home in smart city, IoT and big data. We are building a city where people not only reside, but also live.


No more entry cards. All you need to enter the building is your face. In the first half of 2017, we will launch a unique biometric system which can precisely identify a person based on 216 unique facial features.

Deep learning

We are just about to launch our own deep learning project which focuses on parking. It is capable of distinguishing the car license numbers, of measuring the time spent on the parking, of drawing statistic conclusions and notify the staff of any unexpected situation. All by itself.

Interactive application

We started digitizing the archive of Helena Zmatlíková. Why? Because we believe that everything she has drawn and painted over her long life should not end up in the cupboard, but stored and transferred to smart imaging devices. The first foray is called Vařila myška (Mother Mouse Cooked Porridge). An interactive application for children from 2 years up. To be downloaded for less than 1 EUR from googleplay and appstore.

Flow touchscreen outdoor display cases

News from the municipal office in a couple of clicks. Every citizen can find out what he/she needs without having to step into the office building. The display cases are self-standing, highly protected from the elements and vandals. They can be placed practically anywhere. Diagonal from 65 to 78 inches.

Interactive touchscreen booth

In addition to collecting thousands of data units from the sensors placed around the city, we are also able to interpret them to all visitors and inhabitants of Prague. Because of it, you can easily get your bearings in the public transportation network, you will know the weather forecast, what ticket to buy and whether your connection is on time or late.



He is only small, yet already perfectly capable of understanding over 200 orders you can give him. Simply say “Follow me” and Nao gets up and follows you. He can distinguish you by your face and remember your name. You can play with him or he can teach you something. Nao is a great educational tool for people with limited attention (for example the autist syndrome).
Get to know it and ask for more information.

Smart Media

You will be visible

Address millions of customers a month with us.
Use our unique net of LED screens
around Prague with monthly hit of over 12,000,000 people
or the bigboard network with the same number of hits.

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David Navrátil



Aneta Kolajová

Chief Operation Officer


Jan Holeček

Chief Innovation Officer


Matúš Hronček

Head of Media


Martin Sojka

IT Specialist


Michael Krusberský

Head of Design

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